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Our Mission and Vision

The focus of the Energy team is to bring Grande Prairie area
players with desire, dedication and talent together to play at a
high level of competition. All of our players are dedicated
students as well as basketball players and most of those girls
play basketball year-round in hopes of, one day, securing a
college scholarship.

In addition, our coaches will be helping our players to
understand good eating and exercise habits as well as what to
expect when talking to college coaches and attending college
level identification camps. The focus is to help these players
achieve their goals by giving them guidance that will ensure
they feel confident moving on in both their academic and
athlete careers.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello are there any tryout coming? We are settling mid august and looking for a club for my daughter who is going to grade 11.


    1. Our season runs from about the end of March – July each year. There is some fall ball clinics and events through the Wolves program before school season starts – check with the Wolves community basketball program for more information.


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